Immersive Media

Communicate, Collaborate, and Connect

Float's fully integrated Immersive Media services enable our clients to create highly personalized end-user experiences that drive heightened differentiation and competitive advantage for their business. We use a blend of the latest tools and technologies to design flexible, scalable digital media solutions for communicating, collaborating and connecting with end-users in more meaningful and relevant ways.

Entice and Engage End-Users

With extensive knowledge, strong skill sets and strategic insights, our professional team helps clients capitalize on the unlimited possibilities now existing in the new media world to entice and engage end-users. Our comprehensive approach addresses all aspects of the digital media lifecycle, from development through social media integration, to ensure our clients the delivery of effective immersive media.

Key Benefits:

  • Heightened Interaction & Engagement
  • Improved Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing
  • Cost Effective Development & Delivery
  • Increased Awareness & Purchase Consideration
  • Stronger Customer Loyalty/Affinity
  • Enhanced QoE & Greater Mindshare